American International School of Johannesburg Admissions

American International School of Johannesburg Admissions

Welcome to the AISJ Admissions Process. We trust this process will be easy to follow and that your admissions process experience will be a pleasant one.

Please read the below information carefully before commencing the process. Our online forms capturing system is InfoSnap; you will need to create an account with them to complete your application. Should you experience any technical problems, InfoSnap will be your contact point you can submit a ticket with them by calling +1 (866) 752-6850.

Before starting the process, we suggest that you have the documentation stated in Step 1 saved on your desktop for ease of access. The InfoSnap system does allow you to save your application should you need to revert to it at a later stage. You may also require a study visa letter which you are welcome to request from us. We will need you to submit a complete application in order for us to generate a letter for you.

Please note that we will need a Medical Practitioner to sign off on your child’s immunizations/vaccinations (we will be sending this to you). It may be a good idea to have this completed as part of your visa requirements.


Step 1:

  •         Gather the following necessary documents in digital format and have them ready to upload when prompted:
  •          Passport copy or birth certificate of each student applying
  •          Head and shoulders or passport photo of both parents and each student applying
  •          School reports/ grade level reports/ transcripts (you may need to request these from your current school or previous schools)
  •          Any other evaluations (speech and language or education psychologist reports) if applicable.
  •          Please have vaccination records or have the AISJ Medical Vaccination form completed by a medical practitioner
  •          Please send this Confidential Report link to your child’s current teacher/school /counsellor.

                    We appreciate the school’s time in completing this form for us as it is an integral piece of application.

                   We will only accept confidential forms for High School applicants that have been completed by the Principal, Dean or Counselor.

Step 2:       Create an account with InfoSnap by clicking here.

Step 3:       Complete the online application form on InfoSnap after logging in – uploading necessary documentation

Step 4:       Pay the application fee invoice this will automatically be sent to you once you submit your application- do not submit an application unless you understand that you will be invoiced.

Step 5:       Please could Step 5- read:  Please follow up with your child’s current school regarding the confidential form.   We appreciate receiving the form in a timely matter as without                       the form, we cannot submit your child’s paperwork to be reviewed. Once again here is the link for the teacher to submit online:


Step 6:       Log into InfoSnap using your username and password/login details to follow the admissions tracker. When we have received and verified your documentation we will update                    the status of the received documents.

Step 7:       Application will be sent for review –  you will then be informed on decisions and part 2 of the admissions process – which includes the completion of the medical and                                    invoicing information.


Medical and invoicing details required

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