Biography of Selaelo Selota: Age, Songs & Awards

Musician Selaelo Selota is part of the #ProudlyLimpopian club, having got his inspiration from traditional elements he hopes will live on in the youth he teaches.

It’s been over twenty years since Selaelo came into the industry with his heart set on making sure Sepedi was represented across the all platforms. However, it hasn’t been easy for the star, especially when traditional music is still largely placed in a box.

Still Ntate Selaelo is all about breaking boundaries.

“I realised that in order for me to amplify my message and identity in my music, it was only going to happen if I stuck to my mother tongue. It isn’t because I don’t like other languages but it is because I knew that if I really want to express my inner feelings, a foreign language wouldn’t do my gift justice,” he told Tshisa LIVE.

The iconic guitarist is well aware that his kind of music is reserved for certain shows and, when compared to the “popular” music of today, gets next to no radio play at all. Still he is unapologetically himself.