Bridging Course University of Kwazulu-Natal

By | September 16, 2021

Bridging Course University of Kwazulu-Natal

Certificate Courses offered are: 

We offer the bridging course for enrolled to registered nurse and four certificate courses for registered nurses.

Bridging Course
Objectives of the course

  • Take an active part in searching for knowledge that will assist him or her to develop theoretical and practical skills in the care of the patient and his/her family as unique physical, psychological, religious and spiritual beings.
  • Develop an appreciation of group dynamics by being able to actively participate in small group discussions and in class presentations.
  • Develop and utilise good communication skills when interacting with patients, families, colleague and the multidisciplinary health team for effective care of the patient.
  • Apply scientific approach to nursing (Nursing Process) for individual and groups at all stages of life span in the following areas : Medical, Surgical, Operating theatre. Paediatrics, Outpatient Department and Casualty.
  • Demonstrate skill in partnership building in terms of working with a nursing team in a hospital unit, as well as with a learning group.
  • Apply principles of primary, secondary and tertiary prevention in managing health problems at all stages of life and in all settings.
  • Perform all nursing competencies within the scope of practice for the registered nurse according to SANC regulation R2598 under supervision of a registered nurse.
  • Apply principles of responsibility and accountability for own nursing actions and omission according to the Nursing Act 50 of 1978 as amended.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the steps of research in nursing and the ethical issues surrounding research on human subjects.
  • Develop an appreciation of nursing as a profession by maintaining her/his own professional registration with SANC up to date, debate why nursing is considered a profession and discuss criteria for a profession and the role of professional bodies.
  • Apply unit management skills in planning, organising, directing and controlling of a nursing unit.
  • Apply principle of primary health care (PHC) in working with disadvantaged communities by being able to assess community needs, identify community health problems and give suggested plan of action for a particular community.


Entrance Requirements


  • Matric or Senior Certificate or Equivalent
  • Enrolled Nursing Certificate
  • Proof of current enrolment as a nurse
  • Two years of experience as an Enrolled Nurse
  • Permanently employed and practicing in a SANC approved Hospital


Duration of the Course

The course is two year part-time. Classes are held once a month on a Saturday from 8am to 4pm. There is a two week block every six months (Monday to Friday 8am- 4pm)

Curriculum/course content

It comprises of integrated General Nursing Science, Social Science & Ethos and Professional Practice.

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