Clicks Retailers (Pty)

Clicks Retailers (Pty)

Clicks Retailers (Pty) has always been passionate about health and beauty industry. When South African legislation changed to allow pharmacies in retail stores, CLICKS was the first retail chain to invest in dispensaries.

The company soon realised the need for its own in-house academy to train learner pharmacist assistants and to support the continuing professional development of their pharmacists, nursing practitioners and qualified pharmacist assistants.

The services offered to the CLICKS family were soon extended to the greater pharmacy community. Today CLICKS and Pharmacy Healthcare Academy has established themselves as leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

The first CLICKS Pharmacy was opened in Cape Town in 2004. Since then the number of CLICKS Pharmacies increased rapidly – we currently have over 250 CLICKS stores with dispensaries nationally and we strive to have a clinic in each dispensary.

Our main focus is on delivering quality pharmaceutical care and to be seen as industry leaders in this regard. The Pharmacy Operations team at CLICKS continuously explores best practices to create a professional and streamlined environment for our pharmacy professionals that will continuously improve customer service and the quality of patient care. Clinic services by experienced nursing practitioners, in many of our pharmacies, bring convenience to customers in a caring, private and confidential environment.

Investment in our people in all our dispensaries and clinics is a priority for us. We are passionate about our people and the opportunities we offer them. A major focus is continuous professional development and for this reason we established our in-house Academy – Pharmacy Healthcare Academy.

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We offer a variety of programmes including



 Pharmacist Assistant Learnerships

CPD Training for our Qualified Pharmacists.


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