Durban University of Technology Online Application

Durban University of Technology Online Application

For the fees of the programs and the dates of opening and closing of applications, click HERE

Your fees at DUT cover everything from accommodation arrangements of your travel within the period of your course, your lodging. And most definitely trips to game parks

Every other cost is to be incurred by the student.

You are required to pay USD 150. This must be paid when you have secured admission, to get placement not later than Feb 22nd for those applying early and April 25 for those applying late.

How do I make Payment?

If you are not in South Africa;

You will need to make an electronic to the DUT


ACCT NUMBER: 050007068

Branch: Durban Main 

Branch Code: 040026;


Reference: G997 301374 (Please add STUDENT NAME when making the transfer)

Your addresss is to be added, also remember to state if your payement is too the International School.

Then scan and send through email what proves that you have made payments to

[email protected]

Note the following

You will receive a notice of your application being accepted by the 30th of May.

If you provided an email during your application, information will get to you much earlier than that.

You should also make plans to pay up the rest of your fees by the 4th of June

It is your RESPONSIBILITY to find out about VISA arrangements and do the needful


You will need the following documents to apply

Indemnity Form HERE

Surety Form

M65 DUT Deposit slip

Bank Details for Electronic Transfer




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