Garvz Sports Academy South Africa

Garvz Sports Academy South Africa

Garvz Sports Academy was founded and established in 2005 by Adrian Garvey and Bruce Dragt and has been operating very successfully in KZN, Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Zimbabwe, Seychelles and driving the development of skills with focus on fun in the various Sporting codes at a young age. We are not only a sports coaching company but a lifestyle company when it comes to kidz between the ages of 3 and 13.

GSA provides schools and parents with the option of extra mural activities (after school for the private parents account), as well as intra mural activities (where all kidz can be involved eg: physical education session).

We have 3 sections to our coaching programs and they are Garvlingz (3 – 5 years), Garvz Kidz (5 – 9 years) and Garvz School (9 – 13 years). We have developed various coaching manuals and principles which will allow our future sports stars and heroez the opportunity to learn in a structured, progressive manner from their formative years till their Senior Primary years.

Garvlingz (3 – 5 years): provides Boys & Girls between the ages of 3-5 an exciting new program that incorporates fine & gross motor skills, as well as strength, core and ball skills development. The program is broken down into 3 developmental stages: Grade 000, Grade 00 & Grade 0 & each program has its own unique coaching manual. It also includes sport specific training such as cricket, rugby, hockey, soccer and netball as it acts as a feeder program to the ever popular Garvz Sports Academy. Garvlingz has placed a lot of emphasis on developing the new unique program with the driving force being that sport, movement, kids, as well as OT have changed over the years.

Garvz Kidz (5 – 9 years): is aimed at boys & Girls between the ages of 5 and 9 and not only do we believe we develop the skills of the Kidz but also market Sport in a professional and safe environment, as well as allowing the school to focus on game play for weekends results rather than skills development of the kidz. We at the Garvz Sports Academy would also like to contribute to developing our National talent as well as promote good sportsmanship with our policy of manners and sports etiquette. The program for the boys is broken down in four categories and they are namely Dolphins Kidz (Cricket), Sharks Kidz (Rugby), South African Hockey Kidz and Thanda Royal Kidz (Soccer) and girls is broken down into South African Netball Kidz and South African Hockey Kidz.

Garvz School (9 – 13 years): The KZN Rugby Union has, since 1997, implemented a multi-faceted youth program to identify talented players-in-the-making and guide them through the ranks to the professional arena. The Sharks Rugby School intends to bridge the gap between Sharks Kidz (a weekly rugby training clinic for children under the age of 9 and the High Performance Program for under 16 and 18 players. The Sharks Rugby School was established in 2006 with the vision to establish and provide a continuous stream of gifted players from the under 9 to under 13 to Sharks Team Categories.


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