George Whitefield College Contact Details

George Whitefield College Contact Details

Local                         021 788 1652

International       +27 21 788 1652


Local                          088 021 788 1662

International        +27 88 021 788 1662


Physical Address                            Postal Address

34 Beach Road                                  P.O. Box 64
Muizenberg                                         Muizenberg
7945                                                     7950
Cape Town                                         Cape Town
South Africa                                        South Africa



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Information                                   [email protected]

Correspondence Course          [email protected]

Development & Expansion       [email protected]

Library                                           [email protected]

Bookshop                                     [email protected]

George Whitefield College is named after the great English evangelist and preacher of the 18th century evangelical revival. It was his passion for evangelism and strong Bible-based theological preaching that the GWC founders desired to honour in naming the College after him. The College was founded in 1989, the product of the vision of Bishops Dudley Foord and Joe Bell, successive Presiding Bishops of the Church of England in Southern Africa. Their vision was for a college that would ground people thoroughly in God’s word, that they might be faithful and impassioned stewards of its message.

David Broughton Knox came to South Africa – from Sydney, Australia – in 1989 to establish George Whitefield College and be its first principal.

Arising from his conviction that Christian ministers are primarily teachers of the Word of God, he laid the foundations of a college that would have as the focal point of its study program the “whole counsel of God”. He believed that men and women who knew God and understood his will would be faithful in imparting this saving truth to others.