Mr Instructor K53 Driving School

Mr Instructor K53 Driving School

Mr Instructor Driving School offers professional and comprehensive Learner’s License tuition, K53 driving lessons and Driver’s License tuition, as well as other driving school related services, in the greater Randburg, Sandton, Fourways and Roodepoort areas of Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, for young adults aged 17 to 25 years old.

Our friendly and patient driving instructors are highly experienced, professional and GPA accredited and will take you through the entire licensing process hassle free.  Our driving school instructors all have well established reputations and we promise to be there for you every step of the way.  We love what we do and have a huge passion for young driver training!

Services are offered 7 days a week, by appointment only.  Students are fetched from and returned to home, school or work at no extra cost.  We come to you!

We Offer:

  • Professional and comprehensive K53 Learner’s and Driver’s License training and related services.
  • Driving lessons facilitated by GPA accredited, professional, patient and highly experienced driving instructors with up-to-date instructor certificates and solid training backgrounds.
  • More than 20 years first-hand experience in the driving school industry.
  • Reliable service and 100% corruption free status!
  • Fully insured and dual-controlled training vehicles to ensure a safe training environment for driving lessons.
  • Training facilitated in English or Afrikaans.

Not only do we facilitate the process of procuring your South African Learner’s License and Driver’s License, we go beyond licensing!  Our aim is to create informed, competent, confident and defensive drivers!  Remember that crash courses do NOT create good drivers!

We know how frustrating it can be to find the correct driving school.  Driving lessons are quite expensive and it can be a costly exercise if you end up with the wrong driving instructor.  Rest assured that, with us, you’re in professional hands!  We’ve been actively involved in the driving school industry for over 20 years, equipping us with a solid background in K53 driving instruction for light motor vehicles and all aspects concerned.

Have a look at our Training Philosophy!

We are owner instructors which enable us to guarantee our clients the best service at all times and to provide them with the highest standard of training throughout.  Our instructors are GPA registered, qualified, highly experienced and hold valid Instructor Certificates which are renewed annually.

Over the years we’ve developed various techniques in assisting applicants to look beyond the huge and sometimes overwhelming problems that the driver’s license test represents and enable and empower them to stay focused and motivated.  However, it’s our first concern to equip our students with the necessary skills to become informed, competent, confident and defensive drivers.  With so many inexperienced and inadequate drivers on the road, proper driver training is crucial!  In order to survive, someone in the equation HAS to be an adept driver.  Let that someone be you!

Training is done in English or Afrikaans, on a one-student-one-instructor basis and facilitated 7 days a week by our very patient driving instructors.

Driving School training vehicles are dual controlled (clutch and brake on passenger side) and fully ensured for learner drivers, which ensures a safe training environment when doing driving lessons on public roads.

We make use of various training grounds (parking practice yards) around Johannesburg, which are simulations of testing stations (DLTC’s).  This enables our clients to be thoroughly prepared to test at any station.  At these parking yards clients are tutored on the yard maneuvers they are required to perform on the driving license test i.e. pretrip inspection, alley docking, parallel parking, 3-point turn and incline start.

Price List | Services Offered

Mr Instructor Driving School offers professional K53 services for young adults aged 17 – 25 years old,code 8 light motor vehicles, learner’s and driver’s license tuition and test preparation for students residing in Randburg, Sandton, Roodepoort, Fourways and surrounding areas.

TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY – see detailed T’s and C’s further down the page, below the price list.

Learner’s Licence Prices


1. Learner’s Licence Online Practice Test Papers

Best online practice test papers (questions and answers) to test your knowledge and help you prepare for your official Learner’s License exam.  Covers both the paper test papers and the computer test papers.  Compiled from previous exam papers.  750+ Unique test questions.  No need to attend any classes.  Once-off registration fee for unlimited access to practice tests.

For more information click here.
To view study material click here.

2. 2-Hour Learner’s Licence Class

One-on-one Learner’s Licence classes to assist students that struggle with understanding of the road signs, rules of the road and vehicle controls and the way test questions are phrased.  Our classes are only available to students who have already worked through the online practice tests (see above).  Classes are done in the comfort of your home or at a prearranged address.  The number of classes required is different per individual, but often one 2-hour session is sufficient.

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Driver’s Licence Prices

Driving Lessons  –  Cars (Code B – Old Code 8 – Manual Transmission Only)

Options available:

(a)  1-Hour Driving Lesson  (payable in cash at the start of each lesson)

For students who want to pay-as-you-go.

(b)  5-Hour Driving Lesson Package  (package payable upfront)

A driving lesson package for 5 hours, at a discounted rate.  The 5 hours will be divided into smaller increments to form lessons of appropriate duration, not less than 1 hour at a time.

(c)  10-Hour Driving Lesson Package  (package payable upfront)

A driving lesson package for 10 hours, at a discounted rate.  The 10 hours will be divided into smaller increments to form lessons of appropriate duration, not less than 1 hour at a time.

NOTE:  The number of driving lessons required to properly prepare for the K53 Driver’s License test will be different for every student and cannot be predetermined.  The average 18 year old beginner driver requires approximately 20 to 30 hours of training.  This number could be less or it could be more, depending on the individual’s ability to learn a new skill, progress during training, level of focus during lessons, practicing and spending time behind the wheel between lessons, prior driving experience, age, confidence level, proximity to the practice yard, etc.

Students will be fetched from home/school/work or can opt to meet us at the training yard in Randburg.

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To view the test curriculum click here.

2. Day of Driver’s License Test – Vehicle Rental  (payable upfront)

Student must meet the instructor half an hour (30 minutes) before their test time at Randburg testing station and arrange their own transportation to and from the testing station.  This service is currently only available for Randburg DLTC.

For more information and to see what else the applicant has to take along, e.g. documents, booking fee, etc, click here.

NOTE:  An additional amount of  R228  is payable to the traffic department in cash, to issue your Driver’s License if you pass.  This fee is NOT included in our price.

Day of test services is payable upfront and only available to students that did sufficient formal training (driving lessons) with Mr Instructor Driving School.  See point 6 below(Terms & Conditions).


Terms and Conditions (T&C’s)


1. Cancellation Policy      NO EXCEPTIONS!

Please note that we have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy, except for lessons scheduled for Sundays and Mondays, in which instance a 48-hour cancellation policy is applicable.  Should you wish to cancel or postpone any appointment, it has to be done via email to [email protected] and be acknowledged, in writing, by Mr Instructor Driving School.

Late cancellations are payable in full.

2. Driving Lessons

Students must hold a valid learner’s license or driver’s license in order to start with driving lessons and the original document MUST be presented with each appointment.

Please note that the maximum age for doing driving lessons with Mr Instructor Driving School is 25 years of age, i.e. the student must have a test appointment before turning 25 years of age.

Mr Instructor Driving School does driver training for manual light motor vehicles only (cars / code B – old code 8).  We do not facilitate training for code EB (cars with trailer >750kg / caravan / horsebox) and also not for automatic vehicles.

3. Driving Lesson Packages

All driving lesson packages must be paid upfront.  The proof of payment must reach us at least 24 hours before the commencement of lessons, except for lessons scheduled for Sundays and Mondays, in which instance proof of payment has to reach us on the Friday before i.e. at least 48 – 72 hours (respectively) before lessons.

All driving lesson packages are non-refundable and must either be completed by the student or otherwise it will be forfeited.

Driving lesson packages must be completed within a period of 2 months for 5-hour packages and 3 months for 10-hour packages, after which it will be forfeited.  In instances of long-term illness, attending varsity, etc. special arrangements can be made.  Written approval will be applicable.

Driving lesson packages, or remainder thereof, cannot be transferred to another student.

4. Block Bookings

We do not accommodate block bookings.  After each lesson, the next appointment will be scheduled.  We will do our very best to keep certain slots available to a student but cannot guarantee it.  The only exception is when students have their tests coming up, in which instance we will prioritize their training and might allow block bookings to be made at the driving instructor’s discretion.

5. Number of Lessons Required

The number of lessons required will be different for every student and cannot be predetermined.

6. Vehicle Rental for Test

Vehicle rental for the test must be paid upfront to secure vehicle availability for the test.  Proof of payment (or cash payment) must reach us at least 24 hours before the test, except for tests scheduled for Mondays, in which instance proof of payment (or cash payment) has to reach us on the Friday before, i.e. at least 72 hours before the test.

Vehicle rental is non-refundable.  Even if a test should, for any reason whatsoever, not happen or in the instance where an applicant fails to show up for their test or wants to cancel their test, it will remain non-refundable.  The vehicle still has to be booked out (in advance) for a couple of hours and cannot be placed back into circulation last minute.  However, our standard cancellation policy (see point 1 above) for driving lessons is also applicable to refunds for vehicle rental.

No payments for vehicle rental will be accepted on the day of the test!

We reserve the right not to rent out our training vehicles for tests, should we be of the opinion that the student might put themselves and the vehicle at risk or in the instance where payment was not received in time.

Training vehicles will only be rented out to students that had sufficient formal training with Mr Instructor Driving School.

7. Payment Methods

(a)   Cash at the start of each appointment, except for vehicle rental on the day of the test, which must be paid upfront (see point 6 above).

(b)   EFT (electronic funds transfer) or direct deposits will be accepted.  The proof of payment must reach us at least 24 hours before the commencement of lessons, except for lessons scheduled for Sundays and Mondays or tests scheduled for Mondays, in which instance proof of payment has to reach us on the Friday before i.e. at least 48 – 72 hours (respectively) before lessons.

(c)   NO payments by cheque will be accepted!

8. Price Changes

Prices are subject to change without prior notification.

9. Quotations

We do NOT give any written or verbal quotations, as the number of classes or lessons to get an applicant ready for their Learner’s or Driver’s Licence test is different for each individual and cannot be estimated upfront.

Banking Details

contact us for our banking details.

Contact Us

Thank you for visiting Mr Instructor Driving School’s website!  Kindly complete the form below and we will contact you during office hours.  Please note that we facilitate driver training for code 8 light motor vehicles only and for young adults between the ages of 17 and 25 years only.

Admin Office Hours:  9am – 6pm (Monday to Friday) and 9am – 1pm (Saturday)

Driver Training Hours:  9am – 6pm (Monday to Sunday)

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