Nelson Mandela University MBA Part-Time Course

Nelson Mandela University MBA Part-Time Course

Improve your career prospects and prepare yourself to be a business leader with a Master’s in Business Administration from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University Business School.

Why NMMU Business School?

As a student on NMMU’s MBA programme you will earn your MBA while gaining valuable, hands-on business experience. Working through case studies and group projects with real organisations, you will be actively involved in your educational experience. You will also learn from business professors, fellow classmates and guest speakers, who come from a variety of different backgrounds, industries and cultures.

Our focus on leadership development is distinctive and considered amongst the best offered in business schools in Africa. We individualise leadership development to fit your needs and to help you understand and leverage your individual strengths, challenges, drivers and capabilities.

Our MBA programme is nationally and internationally accredited. For all our accreditations and rankings, please click on this link.


Admissions Criteria

At NMMU Business School, prospective MBA candidates are assessed against rigorous selection criteria.

Prospective students are required to meet the following criteria:


  • four-year Bachelor’s degree at NQF Level 8; a relevant Postgraduate Diploma (in for instance Business Administration (PDBA)) at NQF Level 8; or an applicable Honours degree at NQF Level 8.
  • minimum of three years management or five years business working experience.
  • Applicants must reside within a 60 km radius of Port Elizabeth.
  • Be fluent in English. Applicants not fluent in English will be required to produce an English Proficiency certificate to verify English language skills.

An applicant who meets the above criteria will progress onto the second phase of the application process: the writing of the Psychometric Test or the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT).


  • All applicants are required to complete the psychometric test as part of their application process.
  • Students need to score a 5 or higher on the psychometric (SHL) test.
  • Students writing the GMAT test need to obtain a score of 520 or higher.

Once the test has been completed the application will be reviewed and those applicants who meet the application criteria for phase 1 and phase 2 will be asked to partake in an interview (PHASE 3).

Those who do not meet the criteria for phase 1 or phase 2 will not be allowed to further partake in the application process, and their application will be deemed ‘not successful’.


MBA Part-Time explained

The MBA part-time programme is offered as a part-time course over two years to students residing within a 60km radius of Port Elizabeth.

Trimester Module Structure

Data Analysis & Decision Making
Strategic Marketing Management
Leadership 1 *Accounting for Business *
International Business
Management Economics
Research Project Proposal
Leadership 2*
Financial Management
People Management (replaces Organisational Behaviour)
Management Accounting
Leadership 1*
International FieldtripBusiness Research Project
Leadership 2*
Strategic Operations
Business Strategy
Leadership 1*
Business Research Project
Leadership 2*
Exit: MBA Degree

* Leadership is a year module.

* Accounting for Business is a foundation programme for Financial Management.If an applicant completed Accounting in their first year at university, they will not be required to enrol for this module. 

* Programme subject to change. 


ELECTIVES (can select any 2):

  • Competitive Intelligence (Including big data analytics)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Development
  • Lean Enterprise Management
  • Management of Technology (Including Artificial Intelligence)
  • Project Management


ADDITIONAL ELECTIVE (can select only 1 –  not compulsory)

International Fieldtrip: International Business or Leadership (Students are chosen based on academic merit)