Raphaeli Waldorf School

Raphaeli Waldorf School

Imagine vast mountain views and golden pristine beaches washed by warm seas. Forest walks, a sea which is home to seals, whales and dolphins. Against this backdrop is a small school, nestled in an enclave of yellowwood trees and encompassed by a little river in Piesang Valley.

When you enter the school, you will drive through an avenue of indigenous trees, alongside our playing fields where children are enjoying our driftwood jungle gyms and giant fig trees. These are occupied by monkeys and baboons when the children have vacated the branches. Our classrooms are housed in buildings of a Scandinavian nature, made of brick and wood.

Although space is at a premium and we don’t have enough classrooms (the eternal new school refrain), we manage to have a Playgroup, Kindergarten and classes for years one to seven. The sizes of the classes vary from 9 to 18 and the children keep coming!


All children must have turned six by the first of November of the final KG year to enter Class One in the following year.

Example: A child turning six in December 2017 will only go to Class One in 2019.

Children who turn six in October’s admission to Class One, will be dependent on the outcome of their School Readiness Evaluation, input from the KG teacher and the parents. The final decision rests with the College of Teachers.

At Raphaeli Waldorf School we believe that for a child to be successful in their educational environment requires more than counting really well or knowing the alphabet. Children also need to be ready to engage with their classmates and have physical and emotional stamina to start and persevere on their academic journey. The age at which a child starts Class One may influence their future academic and life success and it is important to us to ensure that children thrive in school – not just now but also in the future.

Please take note of the following:

    1. All prospective parents need to attend an introductory meeting with one of our teachers. Parents of Raphaeli’s Kindergarten children do not need to attend an introductory meeting.
    2. All children have to undergo the School Readiness Evaluation which aims to gently assess physical, emotional and academic readiness for Class One. Raphaeli’s enrolled Kindergarten children will be assessed in class and prospective children will be assessed by appointment.
    3. All prospective parents will be required to complete a financial information form.
    4. Following the Bursar’s approval and acceptance by the Class One Teacher or College of Teachers, admin will issue an admissions pack including the Parents’ handbook.
    5. All Class One parents and children are required to attend a ‘meet-and-greet’ in January 2018.

Please contact our Admissions Officer, Kirsten at [email protected] or phone 044 533 6157 if you would like your child to be inspired to learn!


Telephone: 044 533 6157

E-mail: [email protected]


Leathem Farm
Piesang Valley Road
Plettenberg Bay

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