Roedean Junior School SA

Roedean Junior School SA

The journey at Roedean begins at St Margaret’s, in its unique, magical environment. The Grade 0s join either the Squirrels or the Hedgehogs for their first year, in which they are gently inducted into school life, before transitioning into Grade 1 and the formality of ‘big’ school. Named after the patron Saint of the Junior School, St Margaret, St Margaret’s is only a short walk away from the Upper Junior School, allowing the girls to make use of shared facilities.

In the Foundation phase, class teachers and classroom assistants focus on the overall wellbeing of each girl, ensuring a happy and stimulating experience.

As the girls grow up and become more independent, they graduate up the hill to the Upper Junior School. The essential focus in Upper Junior School is to create an environment that will develop, in each girl, a hunger for learning, enabling her to achieve her very best.

Success at Roedean is underpinned by the passion and talents of our teachers, the personal qualities of each girl in their care, and in our strong, value-based educational approach. Our founding values of, Truth, Honour, Freedom and Courtesy are the cornerstones for encouraging resilient, life-long, self-directed learners, who are able to work collaboratively in striving to live a truly honest life of significance. From Grade 0, we allude to our founding values, as we help the youngest members of our community begin to navigate their way through life.

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