Roseway Waldorf School Marketing & Fundraising

Roseway Waldorf School Marketing & Fundraising

It is important to involve yourself in a pro-active way in understanding and learning as much as you can about Waldorf Education. Participation in a meaningful way in your children’s education life is essential.

Authentically be part of the solution and not part of the problem. All of the above will enable you to grow and comprehend the incredible benefits this education gives to a child.

In any institution that is not stagnant, difficulties will arise. This is a normal process. It is however, the attitude adopted when difficulties arise that count. A critical stance without an outlook to solve or better the situation is not conducive to problem solving. Comparing and passing judgments also does not help. It creates misunderstandings and disseminates confusion. Understanding, communication, participation, involvement and constructive dialogue are needed to promote a community that works together for the benefit of all the children. We have wonderful, committed teachers, great children, and good parents. All our staff take to heart what happens in the life of a school. This last characteristic in itself is a precious gift. If we all work together with these positive aspects in our hearts we can overcome any obstacle or problem that occurs.

Kindly contact us via mail  or call me on 031 768 1309 with your suggestions or if you wish to be involved in a more significant way in promoting our school.

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