UCT Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice (PGDip) Admission Requirements

UCT Postgraduate Diploma in Management Practice (PGDip) Admission Requirements

Due to the intensity of the programme applicants need to demonstrate a high level of personal motivation, stamina and initiative. In addition applicants must show a willingness to work in a group situation and an ability to tolerate and manage pressure and conflict and are assessed with this in mind.


Age and work experience

Applicants should be at least 25 years old and have a minimum of 3 years’ relevant work experience. A graduate level qualification or NQF level 7 equivalent is also required. Applicants without a degree may be considered through the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) route.

Essays and References

Applicants are required to submit three short essays. Additionally two confidential reference reports must be completed by individuals who know the applicant in a professional context and who are not close family members.


May be required. Applicants will be informed.