University of Zululand Unizulu Faculties

University of Zululand Unizulu Faculties

Programs are offered within four faculties:

Commerce, administration and law

The Faculty comprises six academic departments, viz, Department of Accounting (including Information Technology), Department of Business Management(incorporating Human Resources Management), Department of Economics, Department of Public Administration and the Law Departments (Private law, Public law and Criminal & Procedural law). The Faculty participates avidly in community outreach and development programmes.


The faculty consists of six departments, namely, Comparative and Science of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Studies, Educational Planning and Administration, Educational Psychology and Foundations of Education.

Science and agriculture

The Faculty of Science and Agriculture offers various Science Programmes within the departments of Agriculture, Biochemistry and Microbiology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Consumer Science, Geography and Environmental Studies, Human Movement Sciences, Hydrology, Mathematical Science, Nursing, Physics and Engineering, Science Foundation and Zoology.