Vaal University of Technology Application Form

Vaal University of Technology Application Form

Application Form

Application form (BTECH)

International Students Application Form

Registration Information

Prospective Students –  Registration dates

09 January 2017 Reg. Confirmed Early Applicants
10 – 11 January 2017 Reg. Deferred Early Applicants
13 January 2017 Late Reg. Contacted Applicants

Current Students – Registration dates

23 – 24 January 2017 and  01 February 2017 Reg. Faculty of Management Sciences
25 – 26 January 2017 and 02 February 2017 Reg. Faculty of Human Sciences
27 – 28 January 2017 and 03 February 2017 Reg. Faculty of Engineering and Technology
30 – 31 January 2017 and 02 February 2017 Reg. Faculty of Applied & Computer Sciences
04 February 2017 Reg. All Faculties

Registration steps

Fees and Funding

N.B The costs indicated are estimates and are for guideline purposes only. Student can obtain the actual fees from their statement of accounts upon registration.

Students must take note of the increased fees and International Students note that they will be paying 100% Upfront including Residences?



1.1 The Vaal University of Technology (VUT) reserves the right to alter fees, without giving prior notice, during the course of the academic year.

1.2 All fees are payable in full, irrespective of whether the academic programme is interrupted by factors beyond the VUT’s control, e.g. strikes, student boycotts, civil unrest, or other disruptions on campus.

1.3 The student’s liability is not affected nor reduced through ignorance on the part of the student (or his/her principle) regarding the rules and regulations of the VUT or of the invalidity of his/her registration in terms of the said rules and regulations.

1.4 No post-dated or unguaranteed cheques will be accepted for payment of fees.

1.5 No cheque presented with an alteration will be accepted by the University.

1.6 Students who have outstanding balance from the previous year, or who have not made the required initial payment for the current year by due date; will not be permitted to register until the total amount required has been paid in full.

1.7 Students who are indebted in any way to the University at the end of a semester/year their timetable will not be distributed for examination purposes and have their examination results withheld, together with their degree or diploma as applicable.

1.8 By signing and submitting the registration form the student accepts responsibility for the payment of all subscribed fees (irrespective of whether a mailed account is not received by the student). Statements of accounts are dispatched quarterly from March. It is the responsibility of students to make enquiries should he/she not receive a statement of account.
1.9 Please note that the residence fee quoted applies only to the academic period and does not include June and December vacation. Students who cannot vacate their rooms on the last day of the academic calendar must make necessary arrangement with Residence Management.

1.10 Interest will be charged on overdue accounts at 80% of the prevailing bank prime rate on the balance as at 31 October.

1.11 Students are urged to acquaint themselves with the requirements governing withdrawal from the University and/or Residence, per this booklet.

1.12 Note that no payments will be made to students if their fees account is outstanding.

1.13 Accounts are sent to the address provided by the student/guardian for account purposes. It is the responsibility of the student to forward such accounts to the person/party responsible for payment thereof if not him/herself.

1.14 Should a student not attend lectures and neglect to give written notice of cancellation within the stipulated cancellation periods, such a student will be held liable for payment of all tuition fees and/or residence fees for the full study period.

1.15 Outstanding accounts will be forwarded to the VUT’s external collection agents.