Village Waldorf School

Village Waldorf School

The Village Waldorf School is a small

school operating from the south-east of


It was founded in 1997. It was begun by a

committed and devoted group of teachers and parents, with the constructive support and input of the Waldorf Federation, committed to providing the educational and spiritual value of a Waldorf education to this community.

It grew steadily in a spirit of focused, inspired, nurturing, committed, idealistic, adventurous and passionate teaching. TVWS looks back on its founders and early leaders with gratitude and respect in the investment of love and energy made by the founding community.

The TVWS continued to grow from a mature and well-established foundation. Today, there are over 70 children, 4 committed and experienced Waldorf primary teachers, an experienced kindergarten teacher plus two assistants, a playgroup and two office staff.

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