How to apply to university of Pretoria

How to apply to university of Pretoria

How to apply to the University of Pretoria. This page is a step by step guide to applying to the University of Pretoria. You can access the Online Application here

To know how to create your UP log in Click here  You will be tutored on how to get your unique UP password.
To know how to have access to the portal where you can track your application Click here 

Click here for a guide on how to create your profile on the student portal

If you have applied already and want to check the stage of your application use MyUP Login(UP Portal)


Once you are given an offer, you have to accept or decline, to do so use this link:
MyUP Login(UP Portal)

If you have any of the following issues and want them addressed please use the following email or contact line.
[email protected] or call 012 420 3111:

  • You have not yet had your letter confirming your admission
  • You have submitted all that is needed of you, yet when you check the portal you still see awaiting results.
  • After given it some thought, you want to choose another course of study.

Please note the following:

  • Whenever you are making inquiries, ensure your relevant information is stated.
  • This should be your name and all the IDs you have including your phone number
  • Do visit the MyUP Login(UP Portal) frequently to ensure your biographical information is correct.
Constant visits to the portal will ensure that everything of yours is okay. Do not sit aloof and wait.
The numbers of people apply are huge, it is important to save yourself the hustle of correcting or changing anything that was not correctly captured. Once you do visit the portal frequently, you will have the opportunity to always correct any abnormal observation before it becomes too late.

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