How to create a free email address

How to create a free email address

How to create a free email address. This something that might come to you easily, however, there are many people who struggle with how to create a free email address. Many adults do struggle with this.

In this piece on this page, you will be given a simple guide

STEP 1: Decide on an email service provider:

The first step is to decide where to have the email. There are many and probably a countless number of service providers where you can have your email address. You have to choose one, and a reliable one at that. You don’t want the situation whereby you wake up to check your email address one fine morning and the site is down.

STEP 2: Apply now

So now it is time to apply, six (6) things will be requested of you. Don’t be afraid, these details are just to help the system get to register you. They are:

Your First Name

Your Last Name

Your telephone number (Preferably a cell line)

A preferred Username (How you will want the system to name your email)

Your date of birth

Your Sex (Male or Female)

STEP 3: Choosing a Username

This is how you would be identified. It is important because you will use this for a very long time and it must be well chosen. This is very important because it has to be professional enough.

We all love to have fun and you must be careful not to be fancy about an email address.

Your employer in the near future might not just like it.

It is advisable to just use your names instead. Avoid too many numbers in the username.

If you want to be fancy, you can create a second one and then have one professional.

STEP 4: Create a unique password.

This is your key. See it as they key to your emails. If your email is a room, this is what you will need to open the door, not everyone should have it, it should be your secret.

To make this key very strong, it should not be less than 8 characters and should have small letters, CAPITAL LETTERS, and then some numbers. If possible some symbols, this will make it very strong.

Please store this somewhere. To be very safe, you should change it from time to time.

STEP 5: You are done

Now you have created your email address, whether it was yahoo, gmail or hotmail, you will click on the “sign up” button. CONGRATULATIONS!

You are now very close to exploration in the world wide web!


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