How to Calculate your APS at UniVen

How to calculate your APS at UNIVEN is key to your application, this page will teach you how to do it. The Admission Points Score is what has been abbreviated as APS. This is what most universities use to see if you qualify for the course you are applying for. The UNIVEN have their own special way of calculating this APS and it is imperative that you get to know.

How to Calculate your APS at UniVen

Without adding that of Life Orientation, you will first of all have to add the best 6 percentages you had in your examinations being used to apply.

There is a threshold to achieve for you to get a place in the program you have applied for. There are points allotted for every metric subject.  These points are totally dependant on the percentage you scored in each subject. The points you get, all put together is what will constitute your APS.

Please Beware: The lowest acceptable mark is not always the best.

You should aspire to do more than that. The APS alone may not be enough, depending on the course you are applying for. You may be asked for more and you have to be ready.
The table below gives a guide to the calculations. Please study it very well as it will tell whether you qualify for a desired course of study or not.
How to Calculate your APS at UniVen
Haven gone through it, you should be able to tell what your fate it. Do you qualify or not.
Please be aware that this is not the same for all universities in South Africa, it might be totally different at another university.
Don’t make the mistake of using this for another university.
If you are satisfied with your performance and think you are good to go, proceed with your application.

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