LISOF Fashion Design School Examination Timetable 2021/2022

LISOF Fashion Design School Exam Timetable 2021/2022 for current and prospective students.

LISOF Fashion Design School Exam Timetable

This post gives full information about the LISOF Fashion Design School examination time tables, test dates, exam instruction, exam papers, submission of assessment, thesis/assignment dates, result checking, exam FAQs, remarking of exam scripts, and fee for the 2021/2022 academic year.

The marks achieved for the first and second-semester examinations will be available as soon as the departments have loaded them on the system.

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LISOF Fashion Design School Exam Timetables 2021/2022.

The LISOF Fashion Design School examinations website is the main resource for all information about:

  • test dates
  • sessional dates
  • first-semester exam dates
  • second-semester exam dates
  • exam regulation
  • assignment submission dates
  • exam timetables
  • exam notices 
  • seating plans

>>For more details, You can navigate to the official LISOF Fashion Design School Website:

How to Check LISOF Fashion Design School Exam Results.

You can view your results online via the institution’s portal. Please note that results appear online as they are uploaded. In case you check and it is not online yet, you may check back.

To see your academic results through student result checking portal, CLICK HERE

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