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National Benchmark Test NBT – Online Applications 2021 – 2022

National Benchmark Test NBT – Online Applications 2021 – 2022. One of the requirements for South African higher education is the National Benchmark Test NBT

In this space, we tell you about it. This test something you will need to take to secure a place.

If you have not yet had your NBT and want to, click HERE to book your test

To register for your NBT, you will need to have the following.

  • If you are a citizen, an official ID book, if not then your passport
  • Create an email address that is unique if you don’t have one
  • Next, decide which site and which city you want to write your NBT
  • Please get to know the NBT requirements of the institution you intend to apply to
  • Now, your preferred date. Please make room for four weeks for the university to get hold of your results. After five weeks, you can check you results from the NBT website HERE
  • Please make available a paper and a pen to take down your username and number for Easypay

National Benchmark Test NBT – Online Applications 2021 – 2022

Take note of the following:

The NBT office will not decide which test you have to write nor the last date for submitting of results. A lot of universities in SA will post their requisites on their sites or you will find it in their prospectus.

Your username and number for EasyPay that was given to you when you were registering will be used to:

  • Help you get back to finish your registration if you didn’t
  • Make corrections to your personal information
  • Aid you make a change to the date of test or site if you want to
  • Aid you verify your payment so you can have your result

The date and venue for the test are specific. If you miss it, you have to register and pay again.

If you don’t pay, you can’t have your results.

To change your details or check your results please click HERE

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