Teachers for Teachers

Calling all teachers! Join PANGEA’s Teachers for Teachers Volunteer Program for a teaching AND learning experience of a lifetime. Teachers for Teachers is an immersive co-teaching program in Uganda. Volunteers will have the chance to work directly with teachers and students in the classroom facilitating lessons, observing teachers in practice, and providing structured support on instructional strategies and assessment practices. Volunteers will also have the change to deepen their impact beyond the classroom through our community-level education programming, engaging parents and caretakers in their students’ learning.

The program is broken up into three phases: Learning, Co-Teaching, Observing & Planning. Volunteers will also get to participate in 2 different contexts: in the classroom and in the community.

Program Highlights
Immersion: Immerse in classrooms of teachers like yourself. Learn first from what they have found effective and get ideas for where you can help in the Co-Teaching & Planning phases.

Co-Teaching: Our teacher training isn’t just about talking about ideas and best practices, it’s about modeling and co-teaching them directly.

Observations & Planning: Volunteers and partner teachers will conduct observations to provide specific, constructive feedback on both content and practice.

Get Out Some: We invite you to get beyond the classroom into our Community Centre and Mobile Libraries to help with all of the learning that happens beyond the classroom.

Sustainable: Sustainability is at the core of our mission. Your work as a volunteer is an incredible impact in our work, but your work is part of a bigger picture before and after you arrive/depart.