UKZN B SocSc (Government, Business and Ethics) Course

UKZN B SocSc (Government, Business and Ethics) Course

B SocSc (Government, Business and Ethics)


The undergraduate programme is designed to combine training in the government and business fields with a strong and complementary foundation in ethics. The idea is to prepare graduates broadly for an increasingly competitive job market through training that will equip them with:

◗◗ The skills and knowledge that will enable them to slot into a variety of educational and career paths – thus enhancing their mobility and choices;

◗◗ The basis to understand the nature, responsibilities and value of good citizenship;

◗◗ An appreciation of the importance of intellectual and professional probity, and of critical thinking and analysis;

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◗◗ An understanding of the value of ethics in the pursuit of entrepreneurial opportunities and public service; and

◗◗ The awareness and understanding of the societal norms, values and varied cultures that shape our domestic and global worlds.

This degree offers flexibility in terms of job career options and postgraduate training – a huge plus in a globalising and fast-changing world.